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Massage Therapist Gives Feedback

Hi there!

As a registered massage therapist I see many people injured in MVA's and find your newsletters very informative and I share the content along with my own experience as a therapist when it comes to injuries and the rights of the victim. Thank you for sending me those newsletters! I also enjoy the other articles you include , the recipes, and of course the opportunity to getting to know your staff. It makes things so much more personal and it seems like a fantastic place to work!...

I'm not sure that you have received any of my clients but I do encourage them. The insurance industry these days are all about getting me to discharge clients and cutting off payments and treatments. That's where you come in!

Injured people need to focus on moving out of feeling like a victim and into the healing process as soon as possible. unfortunately they often become victimized by greedy insurance companies and that only makes the entire process more difficult and prolonged. It's good for them to have a team on their side.. Doctors, clinicians and a good lawyer. Thank you for what you do!

Debbie Tiller, Registered Massage Therapist, Mount Pearl