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Can I Do These Daily Activities Without Hurting My Claim?

If you’re involved in a personal injury claim, you might feel as if everything you do is suddenly in the spotlight. Insurance companies and their lawyers will be examining every last detail of your case in the hopes of a lower settlement, or even being able to throw out the claim altogether.

Personal injury clients often ask questions regarding their daily activities, such as:

  • Should I start exercising or going to the gym if I start feeling a bit better?
  • Should I go back to work?
  • Should I still go on vacation, as previously planned?
  • Is it OK to play with my child?

The bottom line is that you should act and behave as you actually feel – not as you think you should feel just to look better in a case. Any personal injury lawyer that encourages you to lie or act any differently is acting unethically. A solid personal injury case should not be misrepresented; it should be based on a factual claim.

Trying to improve your daily function and range of motion is what will ultimately be better for your health, which of course is always the main goal!