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Top 3 Errors People Make In Personal Injury Cases

If you've been in an motor vehicle accident, it's important to get legal advice from experienced personal injury lawyers. The lawyers at Ches Crosbie Barristers see people all the time that had a good case but caused irrevesible damage to its outcome because of what might have seemed like a harmless error.

The three biggest mistakes you should avoid making are:

1. Not preserving evidence from the scene of the accident.  And by that we're talking about the circumstances of the collision. By all means take photographs of the accident scene with your phone. As well, get the names and addresses of any witnesses that are present.  Make sure you report the accident to the police, which is a legal obligation wherever the property damage is thought to be more than two thousand dollars or wherever there are personal injuries.

2. Not complying with medical advice and treatments their doctor has recommended, not complying with medical advice, and not complying with a medical therapy or treatment program. These things will be exploited by the opposition, by the defence lawyer, and by the adjuster. Keep your medical appointments and be on time.

3. Signing papers and giving statements to insurance adjusters. Remember the insurance adjuster is not your friend. That person may appear friendly, he may be in fact a very nice person, many of them are, but his job is not to be on your side, and not to be your friend. Anything you say to him, any document you sign can and will be used against you. So before you sign any papers, before you talk to an adjuster, talk to your lawyer.