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8 Motorcycle Safety Tips

Can’t wait to get out on your motorcycle this summer? Great! But before you do, here's a little reminder... Motorcycles are far more dangerous than cars because there’s nothing to prevent you from being flung off the bike in the event of an accident. Here are some tips to help you ride safely and avoid motorcycle accident and injury.

1. Wear a full-face helmet (look for DOT or other similar certification stickers on the back of the helmet).

2. Wear the right gear – leathers are always the best to avoid skin-on-pavement injury.

3. Do pre-trip checks before you get on the motorcycle to make sure your equipment is in working order.

4. Always do head checks every time you stop in traffic or at an intersection – you need to be aware and have an exit route to prevent an accident if a car doesn’t see you or isn’t stopping quickly enough.

5. Be a fair weather rider – rain reduces your tire’s grip on the road, especially with only two tires instead of four.

6. If you’re new to biking, take a government-approved motorcycle training course to familiarize yourself with the basics as well as advanced and emergency maneuvers. (See our article on Motorcycle Training Courses: A Worthwile Investment ).

7. Be aware of blind spots in vehicles and avoid lingering in them.

8. Take extra caution when approaching intersections because that's where the vast majority of motorcycle accidents happen.

Hopefully you'll never need an motorcycle injyury lawyer, but if you do, Ches Crosbie Barristers may be able to help.