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Why Your Newfoundland Accident And Injury Lawyer Should Have Trial Experience

If you've been in an accident that resulted in injury, choosing the right Newfoundland accident and injury lawyer plays an important role in your ability to get the settlement you deserve. You need a personal injury lawyer who has plenty of experience preparing for and taking cases to trial.

It's important that your lawyer has experienced the risks and possibilities of trial so that he or she understand, not only how to prepare your case for trial, but also how to avoid trial by settling, if that's what you (the client) want. The experience of preparing for and doing trials is invaluable in negotiating settlement on your behalf.

Furthermore, believe it or not, insurance companies keep tabs on accident and injury lawyers. They know who is willing to fight all the way to trial and who routinely advises clients to settle for less compensation in order to avoid a time-consuming and stressful trial, even if it's likely to be successful. If you have a lawyer who has never been to trial, insurnace companies know it and may see your case as a target for lower-than-deserved settlement offers.

To ensure you’re getting the best representation for your personal injury lawsuit, ask any Newfoundland accident and injury lawyer you are considering about their trial experience. Lawyers who have taken a case to trial will bring that valuable experience to your case, and they won't be targets for low-ball compensation offers from insurance companies.

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