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Be Prepared for Winter Driving With These 8 Tips

Even when the last leaves fall and the first frost hits, it is hard to think of the need to change driving habits until the dreaded first heavy snowfall. By being prepared early this season, you and your family can lessen the risk of accident or injury while driving.

1. Reduce your speed! Stopping distances can be up to 10 times longer in ice and snow.

2. Put your winter tires on before the first snowfall.

3. Always carry a snow and ice scraper in your vehicle to improve your vision. Ensure snow is cleared from the roof to prevent it from falling on your windshield, as well as your front and rear lights to improve visibility. (Click here to find out which other items are useful to keep  in your vehicle). 

4. Refill washer fluids and antifreeze.

5. Be prepared for any conditions by monitoring the weather before traveling.

6. Allow more room for error by leaving a greater distance between vehicles, especially on hills.

7. Be cautious when turning corners – slow down and brake before turning.

8. When it’s snowing, plan your journey more safely by taking major roads and avoiding slippery hills. Try to avoid braking sharply.

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