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6 Tips for Safeguarding the Value of Your Road Injury Claim

If you are thinking about pursuing a road injury claim or have already taken action, use these 6 tips could end up saving you a lot of time and money...

  1. Do not discuss the details of your motor vehicle accident with anyone other than the members of your immediate family. Things you say could be interpreted by other people in many different ways and the insurance company may be spying on you.
  2. The other party's insurance company may put you under surveillance (“spying”). This is completely legal. It can happen at any time, but usually after it is known that you are making a claim and especially if your evidence is taken under oath in what is called oral discovery or deposition. Photographs may be taken and neighbours may be questioned about your activities and limitations. Do not overextend yourself and engage in activities which give an untrue impression of your physical limitations!
  3. Do not sign documents relating to the claim, no matter who provides them – employers and government agencies included – until you’ve spoken with a road injury lawyer.
  4. Maintain a file folder where you can keep all information about your road accident.
  5. It’s convenient to use the same pharmacy to fill prescriptions for medications. Pharmacies usually keep a two year computerised medication profile on customers and this record may be useful to your injury lawyer in the future.
  6. Be VERY careful with multi-media that catalog your personal life. The insurance companies will review your Facebook and other sites! Again, don’t present yourself in such a way that may give an untrue impression of your physical limitations. And make sure no one else you know is posting information or photographs that may misrepresent your true limitations! Keep your privacy settings at their most secure.

If you don't already have a lawyer and you would like to speak with an experienced road injury lawyer now, contact Ches Crosbie Barristers.