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How To Adjust Your Driving For Fall

As fall brings along some cooler, wet and windier weather to our roads, we have to adjust our driving habits accordingly. Use these 8 tips to help avoid a collision.

1. Get your vehicle maintained or checked to ensure everything is working well for the winter.

2. Avoid driving over wet leaves, which lessen your grip on the road and make it more slippery.

3. Watch for frost on the roads, especially in the mornings and evenings.

4. Pack an emergency kit to keep in your trunk with blankets, first aid, etc. in case you get stuck in your vehicle. (And read this recent story of how an emergency car kit saved the lives of one family).

5. Switch to a de-icing windshield fluid.

6. Reduce glare from the sun by keeping sunglasses in your car.

7. Make an appointment to put on your winter tires early to avoid long waits after the first snowfall.