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Common Myths About Newfoundland Injury Claims... Busted!

I was in an accident and it wasn’t my fault, so I should be able to sue someone for my injuries.
Not true. Sometimes bad things happen to people who don’t do anything wrong, and they can’t always get compensated. In order to get compensation there must be some form of insurance available. For example, vehicles are insured so there is compensation available for car accidents. If you slip on someone’s property, there’s home insurance... You get the gist.
If I try to settle my own claim, the insurance adjuster for the at-fault party will give me a reasonable settlement offer.
Unfortunately not. Insurance companies are businesses with profit goals. In their view, there wouldn’t be enough money left over for them if they gave everyone compensation for their claims. They also know that most people don’t have a frame of reference for “good value”. It’s best to speak with an experienced injury lawyer if you’re moving forward with a claim.
I was in a car accident that wasn’t my fault and now I have whiplash. I know someone else who was in the same situation, so my claim is probably worth the same.
Incorrect. Even if you were in the same type of accident and have the same kind of injury, it doesn’t mean you’re claim has the same value. Injuries affect people differently. Your pain tolerance may be higher. You may need surgery when the other person didn’t. Your job may be able to accommodate you while you’re injured so that you don’t lose as much income. There are all kinds of factors to consider.