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Do You Qualify For The Oxycontin Class Action In Canada?

To find out if you are eligible for inclusion in the Purdue Pharma/Oxycontin Class Action please contact Ches Crosbie at Patient Injury Law with as much of the following information as possible. All information is kept strictly confidential.


Date of Birth:                                                           

Mailing Address:                                                       

Telephone (home):                                                   

Telephone (work):                                                    


Were you prescribed OxyContin by a physician?

          □Yes              □ No

Did you develop dependency or addiction issues as a result of the prescription of OxyContin?

          □Yes              □ No

Are you still taking OxyContin?

          □Yes              □ No

For how long did you use OxyContin?                                                                                                    

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