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5 Common Distracted Driving Behaviours To Avoid

RNC Stg. Sean Ennis has launched a campaign against distracted driving, saying we need to create a culture of recognizing distracted driving as a danger the same way we do impaired driving. He's right. 

Now, Nova Scotia RCMP Insp. Ray Oliver says distracted driving accounts for over one third of all traffic deaths in the province.

Drivers don't consider many distracting behaviours to actually be "distracting". Do YOU do any of the following 5 things?

1. Talking on a hand held cell phone. Not only is this distracting, it's illegal!

2. Talking on a non-hand held cell phone. Making a left turn at a tricky intersection requires focus. Chatting away with anyone, either in the car or on a communication device, can be a distraction. Stop the coversation and bring focus to what is really important.

3. Texting while driving. Anything that requires you to take your eyes off the road is dangerous! Texting can wait.

Driving While Listening To Loud Music

4. Texting while stopped at a stop light. Some people don't seem to think this counts as distractd driving. If you're on the road, something could happen and you won't be paying attention to notice and react. It can wait.

5. Listening to blaring music. Make sure music and good times aren't impairing your ability to pay attention to the road. Turn the music down.

Think twice about whether you're willing to risk becoming part of the statistic of Newfoundland traffic accidents caused by distracted driving!

Did you know that technology advances in the automobile industry will start preventing car accidents caused by human error? Major change is already upon us, it's just a question of how and when new standards will be mainstream. Click here to read about it.