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4 Things You Can Do Immediately for Safer Winter Driving: A Message from Manager of Traffic Safety at Safety Services Newfoundland and Labrador

Safety Services Newfoundland and Labrador is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting health and safety. It offers driver training courses to individuals and corporations. Here is a message about practicing safer winter driving from Lloyd Hobbs, Manager of Traffic Safety:


As optimistic as Newfoundlanders or Labradorians may be, we need to plan for the on-going challenges that winter driving brings. There are 4 things you can do immediately to make your road travels safer.

  1. Keep an ice scraper, extra container of windshield wash, booster cables, shovel and traction sand in your vehicle.

  2. Keep a vehicle survival kit in your car that includes warm clothes, a blanket, non-perishable food and water, a candle and lighter, flashlight, utility knife, and paper towel.

  3. Plan road travel with weather in mind. Only drive in poor conditions if absolutely necessary; inform people of your travel plans including your route, departure and arrival times, and inform them if plans change; and always carry a fully charged cell phone.

  4. ​Adjust your driving to the weather and road conditions. Clear snow and ice from your vehicle; give yourself more time to reach your desstination; reduce your speed; allow more time and space for stopping and starting; adjust your routes to avoid steep hills, open untraveled stretches, or unplowed roadways; and remember that on and off ramps often go unplowed until main roads are cleared, so use caution when entering and exiting major roadways.

Be prepared. Safe winter driving is no accident!