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What if an insurance adjuster offers me a settlement?


If the insurance adjuster offers you a settlement, that means you've been talking with him or her, which is something we do not recommend before reading our free and revealing injury book (available on this website) and talking to an experienced injury lawyer. If you accept the settlement your case will be over.

The settlement offer may or may not be appropriate for your case. We have found that for many injury victims who have not hired lawyers, offers of settlement from insurance adjusters are much lower than the real value of the claims. The reasonableness of a settlement depends on a number of factors, including your own goals (some people just want to get on with their lives.)

Our firm will evaluate any settlement offer you have from an insurance company. You can contact us for details by filling out a confidential online form on the right hand side of this screen or by calling us locally or toll-free. Just click the contact us section of the webstie.

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