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Is it illegal for a taxi to drop off a passenger on the opposite side of the street?

One of our clients who is visually impaired asked us this question.

We doubt there is any law or regulation directed specifically to this question. Taxis are, like buses, considered by the law to be common carriers. This means that the owner and operator of the taxi or bus is under duties of ordinary care and prudence like all other motorists, but in addition is under even higher duties to assure the safety of passengers. These higher duties arise from the fact that there is a contractual relationship created by the payment of the fare.

An unreasonable failure to fulfill the contract could be subject of a complaint to the taxi regulator, which in St. John's, Newfoundland is City Council. If a passenger was injured because she was disembarking from a taxi that put her in a situation of risk, she may have a case. For example, a taxi that disembarked a visually impaired passenger on the opposite side of the road to their destination, resulting in harm, would probably result in liability of the taxi. If something like this happened to you, contact Ches Crosbie Barristers at (709) 579-4000 to speak with an injury lawyer.