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Do I have to use my own accident benefit coverage (Section B) to pay for therapy before I use the negligent driver's coverage?

If you were in a car accident, the insurance company of the person who hit you might be telling you that you have to use your own accident benefit covereage (Section B) to pay for your phsiotherapy treatments before you use his coverage.

This is because Newfoundland and Labrador is a fault-based jurisdiction when it comes to car accidents. That means that the person who hit you (or his insurance company) is going to be responsible to pay for the damage he caused. However, resolving a car accident claim can take years so the government has decided that having a limited form of no-fault insurance is desirable. Your section B coverage is the no-fault coverage the government instituted - it is there so that you can be indemnified immediately for your medical and rehabilitation expenses. The policy behind having no-fault benefits like section B is that it allows you to access the treatment you need right away and will hopefully give rise to a quick and full recovery.

Because it is no-fault insurance, making a claim against your Section B coverage will not increase the insurance premiums you pay on your insurance.