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My insurance company is saying I have to use my personal insurance to pay for therapy. Is this right?

If you were injured in a car accident, your my insurance company might be saying that you have to use your personal insurance (e.g. Desjardins, Blue Cross, Manulife) to pay for massage therapy, physiotherapy, and prescription drugs before you can use either the accident benefit coverage (Section B) on your automobile policy, or the insurance of the guy who hit you. This is right.

The law says when a person can use their Section B benefits. It says that a person injured in a motor vehicle accident must look first to any private insurance he has available to him to pay for things such as physiotherapy and muscle relaxants. If you don't have private insurance or if you don't have enough (for instance if you only have 70% coverage for prescriptions or an annual limit of $300.00 for physiotherapy treatments and you have spent more than $300.00 on physiotherapy) you can access your Section B benefits to pay for the rest.