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How long does it take to settle an injury claim in Newfoundland and Labrador?

Injury claims often take years to settle if you act on the advice of your lawyer.

It is unwise to settle an injury claim before you have reached the point of maximum medical improvement because we need to understand the full scope of the damage your injuries have caused. Your doctors decide when you have reached this point.

In some less serious cases, maximum improvement could occur within a year from the date of injury. Often it requires two years or more before the doctors can give a final written report defining the diagnosis and prognosis (future course of injury). Then your lawyer can assemble the final documentation to prove your pain and suffering loss and your financial loss.

The insurance company has their own demands for information. They are usually in no hurry to pay you compensation. Therefore, serious and complicated injury cases can take three, five, or even seven years to settle or get a court decision. As always, the client is in charge.

If the parties are unwilling to settle, the case may go to trial. This is another part of the process that can be expected to extend the time it takes to resolve the case. However, most personal injury cases in Newfoundland and Labrador never have to go to trial.