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Why Credibility Is A Key Factor In Hiring A Lawyer

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If there's one thing you learn after handling thousands of personal injury claims and trying lots of cases during this same period as well, it is that a lawyer's credibility is king.

Credibility is the trial lawyer's best weapon in court. Credibility with the judge. Credibility with the insurance adjuster. It doesn't matter who the audience is - the most effective and accomplished personal injury lawyers have credibility. They don't exaggerate the case. They don't hide important evidence or weaknesses in the case. They command credibility in the courtroom by how they present and argue their client's case. The most effective trial lawyer knows that if he or she loses credibility, their influence and ability to persuade is gone.

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer for your car accident, you should choose a lawyer who has credibility.

When you first meet the lawyer, does that lawyer appear honest and straightforward? Does the lawyer appear genuinely concerned about you and your case, or does the lawyer spend most of the time tooting his or her own horn? Can the lawyer answer all of your questions, or at least explain why the question cannot be answered? Does the lawyer come across as personable and respectful? Does the lawyer make a good impression on you? If the answer is yes, then the lawyer will likely have credibility.  That lawyer will then usually be a very good choice.

When you hire a lawyer for your injury accident case, there is a chance that the lawyer may have to go to court. Can you imagine that lawyer standing up in front of a judge and stating the case on your behalf? Or are you concerned about this lawyer being the "face and voice" of your claim?

Remember, your lawyer is basically an extension of you and your case. If the jury doesn't believe your lawyer, or if the lawyer doesn't command respect and attention in the courtroom, then the lawyer may not be the best choice for your personal injury case.

It often takes several years or more for a lawyer to develop his or her credibility with a judge in serious injury cases. If a lawyer has tried several cases in court, then he or she will often be very relaxed and comfortable in court if your case goes to trial.

With experience comes wisdom. The lawyer who has been practising for several years will usually have a wealth of experience to draw upon in any given cases and this is always beneficial to the client.

Yes, if you are a car accident victim who is looking for a lawyer to help you with your claim, choose a lawyer with credibility.  Sometimes it may require that you meet with several lawyers before you meet the right one. But the lawyer's "credibility" is often something you'll feel and recognize in that first meeting. A credible lawyer is the best choice for your personal injury or accident case.

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